Parish Leadership

Every pastor needs a team around him to assist him in managing the parish and help him make the best possible decisions to advance the growth of parish

Parish Staff
Runs the daily grind
Parish Leadership Team
Manages weekly concerns  
Pastoral Council
Helps envision growth
Finance Council
Advises on temporal affairs

Parish Staff

Jrd 1
Rev. Jonathan Dizon
  • Pastor
Dyann Parks
  • Pastoral Associate
Angie Reith
  • Director of Religious Education
Tena Brucken
  • Bookkeeper

Pastoral Council

A body reflective of the diversity of the parish and its ministries. Serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor on the spiritual and pastoral needs of the parish. Currently comprised of leaders of various organizations in the parish.
  • Bill Heinen
  • Cathy Haug
  • Jenea Chartier
  • Jessi Deters
  • Dyann Parks
  • Angie Reith
  • Zach Lancaster
  • Josh Shupe
  • Thad Holthaus
  • Marie Burdiek
  • Marguerite Mzhickteno
  • Chris Everts
  • Ben Ehrhart
  • Mike Henry
  • Dot Sosna
  • Jeri Albright

Finance Council

Advises the pastor, through consultation and evaluation, on matters pertaining to the temporal resources of the parish, including finances and facilities.
  • Marilyn Atkinson
  • Wayne Leiker
  • Bill Heinen
  • Barbara Heidemann
  • Elsie Beam
  • Larry Larkin
  • Mary Lou Koch
  • Farrell Holthaus