Ways to Give Financially

We offer a variety of methods for our parishioners to make their contributions. Gifts to the Church are typically tax deductible. We send an Annual Statement of Contribution at the end of the calendar year for those contribution that have been recorded.

This is easily and normally done by placing your gifts in our weekly offertory collection basket as you attend Mass. If you wish your contribution to be recorded for tax statement purposes, please use the designated offertory envelopes sent to your address before you place them in the basket. Alternatively, you can send these envelopes by postal mail. For safety and security, please refrain from sending cash (without the designated envelopes) in the mail. 


The most popular method employed by parishioners. As with the cash option, checks may also be by placed in our weekly offertory collection basket as you attend Mass. You may or may not choose to use the designated offertory envelopes as contributions made in this way will always be recorded. Contributions by check may also be sent by postal mail.  


You may also choose to make your contributions to be deposited directly to the church's bank account by automatic  transfer from your financial institutions. Most banks offer this service free of charge. You can even set the amount and frequency of donation so you would never have to worry about forgetting the envelopes or your regular contributions.  


We are also making available a giving method that will allow you online access and control to how much, how often and where (fund type) your contributions are made. If you decide to use this method, please let us know so we can stop the delivery of tithing envelopes to your residential address. There is a fee to using this service which the church will happily shoulder, but you will be given the option of covering the fee if you so wish.